St. Spyridon is an example of a Russian/Greek icon. H 11 3⁄4 ” W 8 3⁄4 ” on a panel painted with Egg Tempera over gold leaf  was badly delaminating. The back is signs of a woodworm infestation. This painting had been cleaned in a previous restoration with a very damaging water-soluble cleaner that has severely abraded the painted surface. The paint is cracking and there are several flaking losses. 



Mother of God Surrounded by Saints and Prophets H 10.5” W 8.5”
Russian icon. had a pounded silver plate cover with cutouts of the faces for protection
Oil or Egg Tempera, silver, precious stones  the cover was removed to restore the painting underneath.



Mother of God and Jesus Christ / Tikhvinskaya
Russian icon. New 
H 7
1⁄2 ” W 6" Egg tempera Parasite infestation treatment and structural stabilization as needed to prevent further losses. This includes: consolidation of fragile gold leaf or paint.