Recent Projects


Lady Stark

We were very fortunate to be contacted by the Governor's Mansion in Jefferson City last Summer. For those who haven't taken the tour, the mansion is filled with incredible oil paintings of all the first ladies in the history of Missouri. Katherine Stark was first lady in the late thirties. This painting was badly flaking, especially in her dress where evidently the white paint was dry, chalky and lacking adhesion. Our heated vacuum table was just big enough to accommodate this large painting, so the flaking paint could be repaired. After cleaning and inpainting, she is now hanging brightly in her home, ready to greet visitors for another 80 years. 


Conservation on a Massive Scale

When tragedy strikes, such as a home fire, art collections are usually a secondary consideration. Fortunately, when a fire destroyed this family's incredible home in Briarcliff, everyone was able to escape safely and firefighters had time to save over 100 framed photos, drawings, and paintings. VWFA was hired to restore about half of them. Some of the artwork had visible smoke and fire damage, and they were all water damaged form the fire hoses. Most of the collection also had mold issues and planar distortion resulting from not being dried out immediately. Cleaning and restoring them was a massive undertaking, but we were able to proudly deliver the newly-rejuvinated collection to our clients in their new home within a couple of months.