Sculpture and ARCHITECTURAL Objects Services


While we specialize in painting and mural conservation, our services also include the conservation and restoration of sculptures, antiques, and other objects from a wide range of historical periods. Our expertise extends from pottery and icons to wood artifacts and more.

Founder, Peggy Van Witt is a peer-approved fine art conservator and Professional Associate with the American Institute for Conservation (AIC). She and her team bring three generations of training, knowledge and expertise to every project.

Museum standards and methodologies, which adhere to the American Institute for Conservation’s Code of Ethics and Guidelines for Practice, are the hallmark of our practice—and our commitment to our clients.

Object and Sculpture Process

Knowledge of both science and historic fine art materials, along with fabrication techniques, ensures we approach each project with an in-depth treatment using a balance of art and state-of-the-art methodology .

Objects and sculptures are often created with complex layers of paint, gilding or both. At times, a microscopic and chemical analysis of their composition is needed before any conservation treatment. 

Sculpture and Object Services Include:

  • Restoration of structural integrity

  • Filling and matching of cracks and chips to surrounding area

  • Recreation and restoration of broken or lost pieces

  • Cleaning of fire and water damage

Get in Touch

Whether paintings, murals, sculptures or other art objects, Van Witt brings more than 50 years of experience to each conservation, preservation or restoration project.

For more information on any of our services, call the studio at 913-661-9128 or submit a contact form and we’ll be in touch.