Fine Art Painting services

Van Witt Fine Art Conservation specializes in expert painting cleaning and restoration services carried out in compliance with the American Institute for Conservation (AIC) Code of Ethics which mandates the use of archival and reversible materials.

Founder, Peggy Van Witt is a peer-approved fine art conservator and Professional Associate with the American Institute for Conservation (AIC). She and her team bring three generations of training, knowledge and expertise to every project. An accomplished artist herself, Van Witt’s creative sensibility is an ideal complement to her conservation expertise and experience.

Our project scope extends from the restoration of an individual painting to an expansive art collection, and from heirlooms to the works of celebrated artists.

Painting Restoration and Cleaning

Over time, paintings can collect airborne grime, nicotine, and a wide variety of debris and foreign substances. Before Conservation Treatment, multiple layers of soot and yellowing varnish literally obscure the painting, often concealing deeper damage. During Conservation Treatment, paintings undergo extensive surface cleaning removing any dirt, airborne grime or nicotine. After Treatment, the delicate color nuances are restored, any losses to the ground and paint layer will be looted and filled, and an application of ultraviolet protective varnish will be added as an additional safe guard for the conservation of the surface.

At Van Witt Fine Art, we’ve seen it all including spaghetti sauce, insect eggs, crayons and glue. Sometimes the painting is damaged by someone attempting to clean it with soap & water or other common household cleaners. In time varnish tends to yellow and crack, giving the artwork an unsightly, dingy appearance. Restoring fine art paintings properly takes skill and expertise.


We work with museums and galleries; art collectors and dealers; individual art owners; corporations and organizations; governments and insurance companies.


Painting Restoration Services:

-Varnish Removal

-Surface Cleaning

-Tear Repair

-Paint Loss Repair

-Water and Smoke Damage

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