Fine Art Painting Restoration services

Van Witt Fine Art Conservation of Kansas City specializes in quality painting cleaning and restoration services for museums, galleries, and private collectors in the Midwest and beyond.

The art conservation firm is led by third-generation art conservator, Peggy Van Witt. Her vast experience and knowledge in scientific, historical, and artistic aspects and requirements of valuable fine art pieces ensures each artwork is treated with the utmost professionalism and care.

Painting Restoration and cleaning

Over the years, paintings can collect airborne grime, nicotine, and a wide variety of bizarre foreign substances.

At Van Witt Fine Art, we’ve seen it all including spaghetti sauce, insect eggs, crayons and glue. Sometimes the painting is damaged by someone attempting to clean it with soap & water or other common household cleaners. In time varnish tends to yellow and crack, giving the artwork an unsightly, dingy appearance. Being able to clean fine art paintings properly takes skill, experience, and a gentle touch.

Our Painting Restoration services include:

  • Varnish Removal

  • Surface Cleaning

  • Tear Repair

  • Paint Loss Repair

  • Water and Smoke Damage

Note: All treatments on art are carried out in compliance with the American Institute for Conservation (AIC) CODE OF ETHICS which mandates the use of archival and reversible materials for museums, galleries, and private collectors.

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