The Restoration of a 17th Century Painting

by a Fine Art Paintings Conservator

Van Witt Fine Art Conservation is a fully equipped painting conservation studio. We have broad experience in treating damaged art ranging from the 16th Century to Contemporary Art. See an example of the hundreds of damaged works of art that come through our studio for repair every year.


Image Above: BEFORE RESTORATION A previous 'restorer' had lined the painting with wallpaper paste to a shrinking canvas then varnished it with a yellowing varnish over soot and grime. The result of this flawed restoration was a disfigured and unattractive presentation.


Image Above AFTER RESTORATION TREATMENT. The painting was cleaned of soot, disfiguring varnish and the shrunken lining was removed. After the painting was flattened on a heated suction table it was retacked to the stretcher bars.


Image Above DURING RESTORATION. The disfiguring lining was stripped off the back of the painting to reveal the 17th century linen canvas