Water Damage and Disaster Recovery for Art

When paper gets wet, it will expand and distort. Media or printing may bleed and adhesives will deteriorate. Works of art on paper can take on "tidelines," which will stain the art. We can salvage and fully recover the art on paper through a conservation treatment. Some colored photographs cannot be recovered when they are wet and stuck together. Please call us immediately. 

Water Damage



We can respond immediately and work either with your insurance company or clean-up team to streamline communication. 

Commonly, water damage occurs after a house fire, a leaky roof, or a flood. The longer you artwork stays wet, the worse mold damage. Soot and ash on the piece after a fire compound the problem. Please call us immediately after the disaster has occurred.

We follow the field guide to emergency response provided by the Heritage Preservation Group from the National Institute for Conservation.

We have worked on hundreds of water damaged art pieces from house fires and floods.

Some of our customers include:

  • National Catastrophe Restoration, Inc. a global leader in disaster restoration dealing with all kinds of natural and man-made disasters from fire smoke and water to earthquake and wind damage.

  • Service Master

  • Steamatic