Conservation of a Desert Scene

This painting came into our studio stapled onto a piece of cardboard. It was off the stretcher bar and had a large tear that someone had tried to repair with wax. It was very disfiguring.

This is how a wax repair looks from the back. We do not recommend this method. First of all, it saturated the entire canvas, discolored the front and did not fuse the tear together. In order to reverse the planar distortions, we lined the painting on our heated, suction table whose primary function is to provide control during various treatments.

The above photograph shows the painting after it came off the suction table. As you can see, the tear laid down flat and fused together after the treatment. The wax from the old repair is still evident but will disappear after further treatments.

Here we have a final photo after cleaning and treatment. The painting has been brought back into plane and the old tear and repair are no longer evident.

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