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What Is Art Conservation?

Art conservation is a practice devoted to preserving humanity’s artistic and creative culture for the present and future. Weaving art with science, this practice protects our heritage, preserves our legacy and saves our works of art for generations to come.

Art conservators are highly trained experts who bring extensive training, state-of-the-art knowledge, hands-on technical skills, and decision-making abilities to the preservation of our tangible history. Activities include examination, documentation, treatment, and preventive care supported by research and education. 

Our founder, Peggy Van Witt, is a peer-approved fine art conservator and Professional Associate with the American Institute for Conservation (AIC). Museum standards and methodologies, which adhere to AIC’s Code of Ethics and Guidelines for Practice, are the hallmark of her studio practice. With care and expertise, Van Witt and her team return works of art back to the artists’ original intentions, while also preserving the stories they tell about our lives and history.

Glossary of Conservation Terms

This Glossary of Conservation Terms includes definitions for vocabulary related to art conservation, restoration and preservation. Download or view the glossary to learn more about common industry terms.

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