The Winfield Collection

Van Witt Fine Art Conservation had the honor of performing an assessment for conservation and restoration of the Winfield School District art collection of 148 pieces in the Fall of 2014. We gave proposals, for the conservation, storage, and presentation for the entire collection. Seven works of art from the collection were chosen for restoration. This project included two paintings and five works on paper. 

The first work on paper measuring 16x20 is a Birger Sandzen lithograph titled "Sunflowers", 1930, it was extremely acid burned due to a corrugated cardboard backing which had darkened and discolored the art. A conservation treatment for acid burn drastically lightened the print. It was reframed with conservation glass and non acidic mat board. 

The oil painting by Birger Sandzen titled "Kansas Landscape" 1934, had paint that was cracked and delaminating in the heavy impasto layers. The layers of the paint were starting to separate and curl apart.

After the painting was cleaned of airborne grime it was lined on a heated suction table with a heat activated  thermoplastic adhesive. This process laid the cupping paint back down to stabilize the layers. Losses were filled, and it was in painted with reversible paints and raw pigments. The painting was reinstalled into the cleaned and restored frame and is now suited for public display.