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Royal Treatment for Three Shire Horses

This painting depicts three Shire horses overlooking their home with pride, ready to assist their owner. In the background, another horse and several figures appear to be working in a wheat field. Several farm outbuildings are clustered at the left of the painting. The painting is significantly damaged.

The canvas tension is insufficient, resulting in corner draws in all four corners and undulations throughout. Four notable tears are present in the center and center right of the canvas, on and near the horses. The paint layer is not stable; paint is delaminating in multiple areas, resulting in losses throughout the painting. Significant craquelure is present overall, and the paint layer is beginning to tent in some areas, particularly in the sky. Heavy layers of grime and aged, yellowed varnish have caused significant discoloration.

Pictured here the painting prior to treatment. The canvas is weak and tension is not adequate, resulting in undulations and corner draws.

The verso of the painting after it has been HEPA vacuumed.

Detail of cleaning test near the top with several tears.

Detail of losses on bottom edge of painting.

The painting after conservation. The painting has been lined, bringing undulations back into plane and stabilizing delaminating paint. Aged varnish and heavy surface grime have been removed. Losses have been filled and inpainted. A UV stable, conservation grade varnish has been applied overall.

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