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Installation of a French Mural

We received a request from a customer to put this unique and stunning French mural up on the ceiling of a room. They also requested that it be a reversible process in case they ever wanted it removed. It was a rounded vaulted ceiling, so the application of the mural to the ceiling would be very difficult.  After much brainstorming it was decided that we would make a color corrected, duplicate of the mural.  A digital mock-up was made to determine the orientation on the ceiling, and then we took a professional, high-resolution photograph of the original. It was printed on archival, matte paper and was placed on the ceiling in several strips. The following photos show the installation of the duplicate.

The original was lined to Holytex with a reversible adhesive to give it stability. Then it was secured on two wooden hanging bars so it can be displayed on a wall elsewhere. Our studio has the capabilities to clean, inpaint, and repair murals here in our studio or on site. We can also install or duplicate murals that you are wanting to display. 

Bob installing the hanging bars on the original mural

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